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Why Buy Our Converters?

Helping our customers be successful is our goal!

Smith Electric has the best Service and Support in the Converter Business!!

 US and Canadian Patent

We are dedicated to the converter business.  We have taken the phase converter business to a higher level.  We have taken the time to develop and patent an electronic circuit that controls the startup of the converter.  This device ensures correct and optimal starting each and every time.  This circuit is the heart and soul of every converter that we build.

 Service and Support

We stand behind our converters and our customers.  Not only do we have one of the longest warranties in the business but we provide unparalleled support before and after the sale.  No question is to big or to small.  If you ever have a problem we are here to help.  Phone support is always fast, free and courteous, even the call is free.

 High Quality Components

We use only high quality components in our converters.  We are not in the market to make the ‘Cheapest’ or ‘Least Expensive’ converter.  We are not in the business to be an ‘economy supplier’.  We only produce quality and we stand behind quality.  We believe that customer satisfaction is key in this business and the quality of the product directly relates to satisfaction.  If you are looking for ‘cheap’ you better look at one of our competitors because we will not compromise our standards to make sales.

Custom is Not a Problem

If you need any custom work on your new converter, just ask.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we can alter our standard product offerings to meet your specific needs.  We are committed to helping you to have a successful business or hobby.  Whether you want custom or standard every converter is built, tested and packaged with your success in mind.

High Quality Definite Purpose Motors

Even the motors we use are made to meet our stringent requirements.  We have our motors manufactured with heavy duty winding.  The motors that we use are all high quality, cast iron, 1725 rpm motors.  We don’t use steel or 3600 rpm motors, these types of motors provide higher profit margins for the converter manufacture and lower customer satisfaction.  The motors we use we made to be a ‘phase converter motor’ they were not built as motor and used as a phase converter.

High Quality Accessories

Soft Start - This option can be added to almost every rotary converter we manufacture.  The startup current can be reduced by 50% to 66% of the normal starting current.

Hard Start - This accessory is used to aid in the starting of ‘Tough Start Devices’.  It can be used with our converter or a competitors converter.