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Summary and Concluding Advice

There is no great mystery to electric power. Electricity is fuel; a rotary phase generator or converter is a fuel distribution system for your 3-phase equipment. While motors may be operated on capacitors alone, for maximum performance and versatility a rotary converter should be used.

Remember also that the phase converter you buy does not make power--it takes the power that you wire in and changes or converts it into a form useful for your 3-phase equipment.

When a car or truck is placed under a heavy load, you can shift gears (down shift) to multiply the torque to the drive train and operate the load. Electric motors, however, share no such luxury. They simply draw more electrical current (fuel) when the power demand is increased.

So always be sure that the single phase supply is large enough for the load, and use a large enough rotary converter to produce adequate current and maintain reasonably balanced voltages under these demands.